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About us

Area67 is a gamification company, with operations in Europe and Latin America, specializing in the creation of immersive games (digital and face-to-face), personalized for companies that wish to use the game dynamics for Team Buildings, Training, Recruitment & Selection Processes, Marketing, Performance Management and Engagement and Entertainment activations.

Our purpose is to transform people by creating an unforgettable experience of content reinforcement, always in a fun, dynamic and immersive way.

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⇒ Listen to our customers;
⇒ Understand the purpose and content;
⇒ Create an experience;
⇒ Engage participants in activities;
⇒ Encourage expected behaviors;
⇒ Make learning more lasting and effective.

games applications


Trainings and content reinforcement


Team engagement and profile analysis.


Approach customers in events, exhibitions, and marketing actions.


Candidate recruitment processes


Improve team performance and engagement with processes.


End-of-Year parties, happy hours, get-togethers.

Our solutions

Standard, customized or 100% personalized solutions

Escape Games

Game that consists of finding clues and solving puzzles to escape from a place or complete a mission.

Board Games

Board game that may have different dynamics depending on content, behaviors and skills that the client wishes to reinforce with the participants.


Narrative role-playing game in which players take control of characters, create narratives in a collaborative way and must interact, argue and negotiate to achieve a goal.

Card Games

Card game that may have different dynamics depending on content, behaviors and skills that the client wishes to reinforce with the participants.

Decision Making

Interactive digital game in which the player will need to make decisions to fulfill an objective. The game may have several alternative endings based on the player's decisions.

Gamification of Events

Use of game elements, mechanics and dynamics in order to increase participants' engagement with the event.

Gamification of Processes

Fully personalized digital gamification platform that uses elements, mechanics and dynamics of games in different processes in order to increase employee engagement and performance.

Gamified Workshops

Gamified Workshops with content and exercises related to the themes of Creativity and Negotiation.

Our workflow

  • Briefing
  • creation
  • Validation
  • Application
  • Debriefing

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