Hints to evolve your level of Creativity!

One of the concepts of creativity that most applies to the business reality today is: Creativity is the imagination applied in solving problems. Creativity has increasingly been a necessary tool in the job market, and this is due to the fact that, with technological evolution, machines can perform even more tasks, replacing human labor. However, machines do not have the capacity to be creative. The machines are programmed to solve existing problems and in an always equal, structured and linear way. But problems change, and with that, old solutions don’t solve new problems. In our Workshop, we treat life as a Game. Now, imagine wanting to play God of War on the Master System? It’s not going to work.
Drawing this parallel with the world of games, let’s talk about 3 important points for you to be more creative:

1 – Face several enemies to prepare for the big boss.
Imagine that we are all born Gods of Creativity … We are all born “Kratos of Creativity”. In the case of the character of God of War, as the name of the game already says, he is the God of War. In our case, we are born creative, but we face several enemies that diminish our creativity. Traditions, the school, the job market block our creativity and make us become a boring adult, who repeats patterns.
And for us to be creative again, we need to practice … It is important to practice creativity, imagining different solutions to problems. Even problems that are not yours, or cannot be solved by you. As in a game, it is important to face several enemies, from the weakest to the strongest, before facing the big boss. Imagine that the small problems of life are the enemies of level 1 … Train your creativity with them, then start to face stronger enemies until you are ready to face the big boss, which can be that big problem in the company or on your personal life.

2 – Play Black Stories, learn to ask the right questions.
Have you heard of Black Stories? It is a game in which a player reads a little information about a story and the other players must find out what happened, asking only questions to which answers must be only yes or no. The game requires you to think of questions that define the event well … And to be able to solve the problem, you need to know how to define the problem well. As John Dewey said: “a well-defined problem is half solved”. We cannot use imagination to imagine the problem, but to solve it, so it is important to know how to ask the right question. What is the real problem being faced?

3 – The game does not end when you fail. We always have the continue.
It is important not to be afraid of making mistakes. Here the Lean Startup concept applies: fail fast to learn fast. There is no point in having the idea and being afraid to put it into practice. Make a prototype, put your idea to the test and, if it doesn’t work, learn from the mistake, change what is necessary and try again.

Life’s a game! You are a character and need to evolve your skills. Face the enemies, increase your level of creativity and have courage. In case of game over, remember that life is a modern console, it always makes the automatic save for you to continue where you left off!

written by Thiago Barrionuevo

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