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Benefits of using gamification with the sales team

Using gamification with the sales team can be very useful for your strategy. After all, the methodology proposes more fun and dynamic ways to structure your team and train employees for the best performance.

A well-developed sales team is crucial to business success. However, many companies fail to choose rigid training models. This usually doesn't bring the best results.

But what gamification with the sales team offers is an innovative and creative approach, aimed at enhancing skills and developing talent.

Want to know more? Stay with us until the end and discover all the benefits of this strategy.

5 main benefits of gamification with the sales team

Untrained teams don't perform well, and you probably already know that. After all, which company has never gone through periods of crisis with its employees?

However, when using gamification with the sales team , it is possible to positively change this scenario. More than that, the strategy also acts in a preventive manner, ensuring improved performance by the teams.

See below the benefits that your business can obtain even in the short term:

1. Better climate among sales executives

Maintaining a good organizational climate should be a priority. Without this, professionals tend to feel unmotivated, which directly impacts productivity. In the sales team , this is even more important.

That's because we are talking about professionals who are constantly charged to reach goals and leverage results. How to keep them productive in a context like this? An effective way is to involve them in gamification activities.

Games provide an atmosphere of joy and relaxation, which reduces anxiety about achieving results against goals. In addition, it contributes to the good relationship of professionals, helping them with teamwork.

2. Promotes salespeople engagement

Using gamification with the sales team can also help with engagement. This is because the activities rely on everyone's participation and collaboration. However, this is done in a relaxed and fun way – without pressure.

In addition, gamification can be tailored to the specific demands of the company. With this, the approach focuses on using games with the right resources, efficiently covering the particularities of your business.

3. Cooperativism among team members

A sales team needs to work in partnership, even though individual performance is of paramount importance. When there is no sense of collectivity, work tends to stall and retard development.

However, it is important to remember that competitiveness can be a ghost in this sector. After all, it is common for people to want to stand out individually. However, stimulating cooperativism is essential for any area.

Well-applied gamification promotes joint growth, as this methodology proposes activities with team collaboration, developing and improving collective sense.

4. Improvement in the work routine

Ensuring a more fluid, pleasant and efficient work routine is essential. This can be done by strategically using gamification with the sales team.

With the appropriate games, the team starts to better organize the demands received. In addition, gamification helps to standardize activities, ensuring the quality of deliveries and allowing the process to be replicated by other employees.

5. Improved internal communication

Good internal communication is as important as communication with the end customer. Added to this, the fact that it facilitates the approximation between managers and subordinates, thus generating a relationship of trust and loyalty.

Gamification encourages a more efficient communication channel, showing ways for leaders and teams to explain their ideas, talk about their dissatisfactions and point out possible improvements.

Finally, it encourages the use of private feedback, as it ensures attention to the individual development of each employee.

Why invest in gamification with the sales team?

Even reading the aforementioned benefits, you may wonder: why invest in gamification with the sales team? Is it really that important to think about it now?

The truth is that it doesn't matter how mature your company is or even its niche and performance: human assets are crucial for maintaining activities. Even investing in technology, if you cannot count on a qualified team, you will not be successful.

A well-prepared team that is satisfied with its work is capable of making it happen, even if it is a complex plan.

On the other hand, professional unpreparedness added to demotivation can doom any business to failure. Especially if this is related to frontline professionals, as is the case with salespeople.

Using gamification with the sales team allows you to look at honing skills, developing talent, and nurturing the best in the group – individually and as a team.

Thus, the professionals themselves realize their value within the team and the company itself, becoming brand promoters and faithful ambassadors of the business.

In this way, you will see the following results:

·    Decreased turnover: maintaining a dedicated and faithful team is difficult for your company, but gamification can help to reduce your turnover rate and generate more lasting relationships.

·  High-performance team: a company that invests in human development, forms qualified groups to bring high-level results. To hone talents is to ensure high performance, especially in times when finding employees with soft skills and hard skills in balance is so difficult.

·  Decreased costs: renewing teams is expensive. Whether for hire or layoff, the costs are high. Not to mention the training time required for a new employee to actually start delivering results.

What can AREA67 do for your company?

The AREA67 is a renowned company in the development niche, working with a focus on training, proposing gamification as an effective growth strategy.

We currently work with more than 150 companies in Europe, Latin America and the North American market. In the case of gamification with the sales team , we offer targeted solutions in three different aspects:

· Motivation and integration;

· Training and qualification;

· Sales convention and internal events.

These are options aimed at professional growth and relational development. The aim is always to ensure that professionals reach their maximum potential, but do so in a guided and fun way. Click here to learn more. The benefits of using gamification with the sales team are many, as you can see. However, the most important thing is to understand that without a qualified group your company may fail to achieve the success you so desire.


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