Gamification and internal communication: everything you need to know

The gamification and internal communication are subjects that many people do not relate to, but combined they can positively impact your company.

This is because it is a strategy that has proven to be very versatile and can be applied in any business area.

Effective internal communication, in turn, is a fundamental tool for professional success. Without it, it is practically impossible to obtain the expected results from the business.

Therefore, in this content you will understand how to unite gamification and internal communication, and find out what are the ways to improve the dialogue between managers, employees and keep all areas “on the same page” to achieve the best results.

But what is gamification?

Before talking about gamification and internal communication , it is important to emphasize the concept of this strategy.

Gamification is a derived term of “games”. The idea is to literally use the dynamics of games in other contexts, such as corporate training and workshops.

However, the big difference is that in this case the game does not have an exclusive focus on entertainment. In fact, the challenges are proposed always thinking about a specific purpose of professional development.

In this way, the profile of the game is defined considering the needs of the company.

For example, improving internal communication, the organizational climate, generating more engagement among employees, motivating the team , etc.

The importance of internal communication for your company

The internal communication is one of the most important pillars of a company. It has a strategic role capable of boosting or undermining the success of the business – and no matter the niche.

Every organization brings people together, and top management must develop effective communication between employees, other managers, leaders and partners.

Gamification and internal communication

Combining gamification and internal communication, therefore, is an innovative and intelligent way to obtain good results.

After all, games can be applied with a goal directed at improving communication between teams.

The most important thing is that the company understands exactly what it wants to improve. This makes it easier to define which dynamics can be implemented and how they can help to obtain such results.

As an example, we can mention internal communications.

If your team tends to pay little attention to information that is released internally - or does not implement the new guidelines in these communications - then it is important to think about how to engage employees in this regard.

Playful and fun training

The gamification and internal communication can act in a more fun and dynamic way, passing the message that the company wants in a lighter and more pleasant way.

Through the proposed games, employees are challenged to achieve certain results.

In addition, this strategy also promotes healthy competition, in which the aim is to stand out without necessarily imposing rivalry between players.

However, many dynamics also promote teamwork, making everyone understand the importance of clear, objective and kind communication.

Main benefits of gamification and internal communication

We've already talked about the benefits of gamification. However, there are some that deserve to be highlighted and that are the reasons why this strategy has proven to be so efficient for so many businesses.

Team alignment

An aligned team works more efficiently and harmoniously. After all, when everyone acts considering the company's values and mission, the results delivered are consistent with expectations.

In addition, alignment promotes improvements in the organizational climate, avoids mismatches of information and noise in communication.

Agility in decisions

Once employees are more integrated and aligned with each other, work flows better and more efficiently.

Added to this is the ease of decision-making, as managers deal with a scenario that is much more receptive to opportunities.

Team engagement

An engaged team makes all the difference. However, this is also a great challenge for people management. After all, how to deal with all the day-to-day tasks and still keep the team excited about the work?

The gamification and internal communication, when well worked, are able to promote this in a playful and relaxed way.

Once communication becomes efficient, consequently the team feels more valued and motivated to promote changes in the company.

Top 3 problems gamification can solve

When we talk about gamification and internal communication , it is also important to understand which problems the strategy can solve. There are many, but we highlight three below:

1. Internal communication noises

Noisy internal communication is a danger. When two or more employees do not understand each other, the entire production chain is harmed.

An error in one department can affect another that is at the opposite end.

In cases like this, gamification in internal communication is used to eliminate this noise, stop erroneous and unofficial reports and keep the communication channel clean so that only the necessary information reaches employees.

2. Loss of credibility

If your company doesn't communicate well with employees, it becomes a kind of mockery.

After all, the old “cordless phone” ends up being more efficient, and people find out about things without official reports.

This undermines not only credibility, but also puts the trust and loyalty of its employees in check.

3. Low productivity

Your team's low productivity may be due to poor communication.

This is because if the company is not capable of expressing itself efficiently, employees end up in doubt about what their role is within the business – and whether it has any relevance.

On the other hand, good internal communication ensures that the team remains focused on the objectives. Collaborators feel responsible for the group's results and focus on what is expected of each one - and the team they are part of.

Strengthen your team with AREA67

The AREA67 offers effective solutions aimed at gamification and internal communication.

Our games stimulate teamwork and make employees express and capture ideas more clearly and objectively, eliminating the dreaded noise.

“The Divergents”

This game proposes teamwork with mutual collaboration.

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Exclusive games

Furthermore, AREA67 can develop exclusive games for your company considering your individual demands, and the main problems that need to be solved.

Get in touch with us and talk to one of our consultants. In this way, we will be able to understand your story and propose customized solutions that will help your company to grow in a healthier and more sustainable way.


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