Gamification: how to apply it to your marketing strategy

Did you know that you can apply gamification to marketing strategies? This can be a very effective choice to get excellent results and win new customers.

We know that the profile of those who buy is increasingly demanding. These people are looking for more than good quality products and services, they also want excellent customer care – and as personalized as possible.

However, customers are also looking at the most creative campaigns, as this rightly suggests being something more exclusive in a sea of “more of the same” campaigns.

See below how it is possible to use gamification to marketing strategies and find out how you can impress and retain your customers with a modern and innovative action.

How to use gamification in marketing strategy

There are different ways to use gamification in marketing strategies. However, we highlight three applications that can have excellent effects:

1. In internal events and get-togethers;

2. In the endomarketing campaigns;

3. At corporate events, fairs and conferences.

But, in each of these situations it is necessary to think of intelligent and creative ways to conquer your customer, making contact with the brand differentiated - memorable.

This is essential for your company, product or service to stand out and become really interesting for the customer.

Gamification in internal events and get-togethers

Use internal events and company get-togethers to introduce and attract attention to new products. To this end, gamification is shown to be a very effective strategy.

Offer fun games that have the purpose of educating your team - including the commercial team - about the product, so that they can evolve in sales arguments.

This also contributes for employees in general to engage and be motivated in that campaign.

Endomarketing campaigns

The endomarketing campaigns are those aimed at improving the internal work environment.

Therefore, awards can be offered in order to bring the employee into interaction, making the professional environment more fun.

Companies that apply endomarketing manage to retain talent more easily, and build more solid, qualified and experienced teams. However, doing this with the traditional strategies proposed by HR may not have as much effect. Also, historically, engagement has been low.

Gamification, on the other hand, brings an attractive and fun idea for those who want to strengthen communication, engage employees and promote a more pleasant coexistence in the company.

Corporate events, fairs and congresses

When we think of business fairs , that unfun memory of interaction soon comes to mind. Generally, these events boil down to adhesive stands with standardized and cold attendance.

Many employees attend out of obligation, seeing everything as another arduous work-related task. Suppliers and customers often act the same way.

But, what if we say that there are other possibilities for trade fairs? After all, the company invests good money in preparing for events like this.

Be a different brand and make a difference

Gamification again appears as a creative solution, capable of revolutionizing these encounters, bringing innovative forms of interaction, capable of promoting relaxation and raising the level of the environment.

This is because with gamification it is possible to implement games that promote the interaction of the general public, and make your brand memorable - standing out in a relevant way against the competition.

After all, this is the great challenge – and the main reason – for a trade fair: to make your company stand out and have more visibility in its niche.

AREA67 proposals for gamification in marketing strategies

The AREA67 is a company specialized in gamification.

For years we have been working on implementing games that help organizations of all sizes to grow in their markets and develop talent in different areas.

When it comes to gamification in marketing strategies , we consider it a serious matter. After all, it is the department that is one of the foundations for survival and prominence in the market.

Based on vast experience, the AREA67 team has strategically developed some games that are perfect for the situations mentioned above. Discover each of them below:

The Divergents

The escape room is a type of game that is successful for different audiences. Here, the proposal is precisely to improve collaboration and encourage teamwork.

As it is a digital game, The Divergents can be carried with you at fairs, congresses or for corporate events of different sizes and purposes. In addition, it can be customized considering the demands and needs of your company.

Between 3 and 15 players play per session. Each one must describe what appears on their screen during the videoconference so that everyone can decipher the clues together and escape the proposed situation.

Life is a Game - Creativity Workshop

Yes, it's a workshop in the form of a game. However, it has gamified dynamics, which means that the process is fun, thought-provoking and exciting as a good game should be.

“Life is a Game” proposes an important reflection on creativity and its relevance in the corporate universe.

The activities involve participants and make them feel the experience of an intense and engaging game.

Gamificate - Gamification Platform

The gamification platform created by AREA67 offers consultancy and allows you to customize games according to your needs. All this in a very intuitive and simple way.

After all, when you think about gamification in marketing strategies , it is very important to consider that personalization and customization are essential for the strategy to meet exactly the demands of your company.

The AREA67's platform delivers high performance and recognized quality to help implement gamification in your company.

Exclusive Games

In addition to the previous highlights, we also offer the possibility of creating exclusive games that meet your team's needs. 

For example, the challenge of the Boehringer company was to make ordinary people aware of the main symptoms of IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis, a chronic disease that causes the lung tissues to harden and with it a progressive reduction in their ability to expand and contract, making it difficult to breathe). The idea was to reinforce the role of the family, indicate the appropriate professional for referral and communicate about the medication and its results, in a light and interactive way.  

How did AREA67 develop a game for this challenge? 

After studying all the material sent by the customer, we created an Escape Game with scenography and a carefully trained Game Master to interact with the participants, generate immersion and engage everyone during the game, which was held in a large shopping center in São Paulo. Participants made their registration and scheduled time at the stand to play with a team of up to 6 people.

The environment simulated a living room and the Game Master was trained to interact with the participants and the environment in such a way that players received information in a playful and light way, with a highly engaging and dynamic immersive experience. At the end of the action, which took place in 13 days, 900 people were impacted.

Another example of an exclusive game was from the company Movida. The challenge was to create a game with the aim of engaging visitors with the Movida brand and informing them about the various services and benefits offered to customers during car rentals. All this within its stand at the Salão do Automóvel, the largest exhibition of the automobile industry in Brazil and one of the largest in Latin America.  

The solution was to create an interactive and technological Escape Game with carefully created scenography and soundtrack to generate immersion and engage participants with the brand during the game.

In this action, participants received the briefing and had up to 10 minutes to find the key and start the car to open the room door. Each stage of the game showed participants one of the products offered by Movida (among the services were: Movida Connect, Movida Radio, Movida Wi-Fi, Carbon Free Rental and Security). 

These are just a few examples of how gamification can help your company's marketing strategy. Remembering that we mentioned examples of exclusive face-to-face games, but it is also possible to use gamification in marketing strategies by creating fully customized online games.

Want to know how it's possible? Click play to learn about the fully digital gamified solution created from scratch for the company TAKE.

Does your company also have a challenge?

We love hearing stories, so just tell us a little about your company and what you hope to achieve with gamification.

So our team will be working on something completely new to what you need – one of the favorite parts of our job.

Have no doubt that personalization is capable of bringing excellent results to your company's teams.

Why invest in gamification in your marketing strategy?

If you want better results, you need new solutions, because innovating is like going up a step. Does the way things are done today no longer have the same effects? So, it's time to change and innovate.

You can't expect a higher level of results without thinking of different ways to achieve that goal. That's why gamification can enrich marketing strategies and be one of the key points for success.

Think about what your demands are and the desired results. Talk to us so we can guide you on how to maximize the reach and engagement of your campaigns.


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