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Gamification in the Selection Process: How it works, benefits and examples

Finding qualified professionals seems to be a big challenge for companies, regardless of the niche.

However, it is possible to adopt the strategy of using gamification in the selection process, and thus carry out more assertive hiring for each position.

After all, it is important to highlight that employee turnover generates significant expenses for the company. Therefore, getting recruitment right is essential to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of areas with suitable professionals.

Find out today how gamification in the selection process works and what benefits it can bring to businesses in any segment.

Gamification in the selection process

It is a fact that traditional recruitment models have shown inefficiency. This is because, in general, they tend to encourage ready-made answers, propose frozen dynamics and do not provide a good understanding of the candidates' skills.

The gamification in the selection process, in turn, brings a completely different approach. It aims precisely to identify the talents and skills of the candidates, proposing more creative, efficient and versatile dynamics.

Benefits of gamification in the selection process

The benefits of gamification in the selection process are many. See below a list of the main ones and find out how this strategy can help you recruit the best talent for your company.

Dynamism in the selection process

Many candidates are nervous during a selection process and fail to satisfactorily present their full potential.

This is because traditional selection techniques have their value, but in general end up generating an atmosphere of tension.

With gamification this changes radically. The dynamic and relaxed scenario in just the right measure is also reflected in the behavior of the candidates.

In this way, participants are able to become more relaxed and more likely to show their skills in a natural way.

Objective and relevant information

How to assertively analyze the candidate in a virtual selection process? This is a question with often subjective answers. The analysis may be limited and result in errors at the time of selection.

Gamification provides a more objective collection of data and information. This makes it easier to choose the right candidate using a methodology that clarifies the vision of each candidate's performance.


One of the greatest difficulties perceived in a traditional hiring process is the engagement of candidates. They tend to be held back by tension and fear about how to act in order to fit in.

With gamification, interactions are more fluid and fun. People get involved in the process and engage almost naturally, which also makes individual skills more easily perceived.

And these are just some of the benefits of gamification in the selection process. In addition, this technique also makes your company stand out among others in the same sector, since candidates notice the commitment taken to a differentiated selection.

3 ways to implement gamification in the selection process

It may be that even understanding the benefits of gamification in the selection process, you still have doubts about how to adopt it in a practical way. And the good news is that you can count on expert support for this task.

AREA67 is a company dedicated to the subject and offers customized game options for the selection process. You can learn more about it by clicking here.

Still, we list here three different ways to implement this strategy in your selections.

1. Efficient interaction

We know that the selection process differs a little according to positions and functions, making some more complex and even time-consuming.

The interactive games proposed by gamification try to break this barrier. Therefore, candidates end up taking on roles that will be fundamental in their functions if they are hired.

There is also the opportunity to teach about the company's internal policy and share the values and organizational culture.

2. More creative and innovative dynamics

Many dynamics applied by Human Resources are tiring, boring and uncreative.

With gamification in the selection process , your team has the possibility to better analyze candidates, observing them from different aspects simultaneously.

This is because the dynamics are more creative and also allow the participants themselves to innovate in the proposed solutions for each round.

Furthermore, at AREA67 it is possible to develop games that exactly match the particularities of your business. With this, you direct which dynamics have more to do with what your company needs.

3. More original personal presentations

Many things are already defined in the initial presentation of a candidate. The way he expresses himself and behaves makes all the difference in the impression he gives to the company.

However, the rehearsed speech about “name, experience, strengths and weaknesses” does not leave much room for creativity. So a presentation game sounds a lot less boring and a lot more interesting in that regard.

Gamification after hiring

It is worth mentioning that gamification should not be restricted only to the selection process.

In fact, ideally, your company should adopt this at all stages of employee onboarding, including training and even possible recycling.

Therefore, there are important elements that must be maintained during and after recruitment.

They are:

·         Punctuation

To create a game atmosphere and identify the highlights, the company needs to have a clear and objective scoring system. In this way, you can measure performance more effectively.

·         Evolution

Think of gamification as a video game. Therefore, the evolution of players is essential for success. Thus, the phase change must be registered and followed - so that the highlights are properly enhanced.

·         Levels

To track the evolution of participants, you need to determine levels of reach.

They are like stages and they amplify the playful content of gamification in the selection process, making the entire interaction more fun and versatile.

The idea here is always to encourage advancement to the next level, which can happen precisely through counting points.

·         Healthy competition

Competitiveness must be encouraged in an honest and healthy way. This is an essential point so that participants do not feel cornered or undervalued.

·         Rewards

Every game should offer rewards to those who excel. It's no different during a gamification - and not after it. Additionally, rewards can increase engagement and encourage active participation from everyone.

Working with a specialized company can be decisive for gamification in the selection process to bring really good results. It is with this in mind that AREA67 offers the best options in games and consulting for those who wish to adopt this strategy.

Talk to us so that we can together understand the hiring context you need, and thus define alternatives that will make your selection process a success.


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