Gamified training for companies: how it works, benefits and examples

Is motivation and engagement part of a very difficult mission inside your team?

The Gamified training can help with this with a versatile and very accessible proposal, capable of boosting the team and arousing interest in the search for good results.

This is possible using games that are proposed considering the needs of the company.

In the interactions during the games, the employees receive the proposal of solving problems and finding solutions for playful situations that can be associated with situations of reality.

How gamified training works

The Gamified training brings a modern and effective proposal to your team.

For this, activities are presented that encourage:

 - Planning

- Definition of Objectives

- Cooperation and competition

- Decision-making

- Focus on Results

Definition of Objectives

As a result, fun and engaging challenges are created that engage the team and encourage them to overcome obstacles that appear in each new round of games.

What does gamification mean?

The term gamification is a derivation of the word game  , paralleling the use of game design elements to corporate training and other contexts.

Possibly, you remember a game that held your attention, or that kept your concentration for hours in childhood or adolescence.

This is gamification! The ability to stimulate the brain, entertain and challenge at the same time, encouraging reactions and interactions of a human being.

Strategy applied to the corporate context

In games, to reach a certain stage it is necessary to first complete the previous stages, solving the problems in a playful, creative and intentional way.

This strategy widely used in games can be applied in the business environment through Gamified training.

Effectiveness occurs in different departments, as there are specific games that are always used taking into account the context – and profile – of the employees in each area.

Online and offline options

When we think of Gamified training , it’s natural for the mind to immediately relate the subject to technology. Especially when discovering that this term originates from the world of game development.

However, there are options for online and offline games. In other words, it can be promoted in a virtual way or it can be done at the company – with the presence of all those involved.

Benefits and examples of gamified training

The benefits of Gamified training for an organization go far beyond entertainment, of course.

They are proposed with the intention of improving skills, and aim to develop the team as a group and individually, highlighting talents and promoting the integration of all.

Renewed motivation

The first benefit is directly related to employee motivation.

After all, the games arouse curiosity and bring novelty to the routine of groups, encouraging participants to reflect and seek creative solutions.

It's about stepping out of your comfort zone without necessarily feeling uncomfortable. Teams often lift their spirits and demonstrate more motivation.

Guaranteed assimilation

It is also an effective way to get the team to assimilate everything they learn through the dynamics. This is because, with playful and fun strategies, it is easier to record what is taught in memory.

That way, everything that Gamified training propose can be replicated to solve day-to-day issues, and deal with work demands with greater preparation.

Keen proactivity

Games can include activities where everyone works together to find solutions.

However, steps always allow participants to stand out independently. This results in encouraging proactivity.

In this way, each participant feels encouraged to be a protagonist in the resolution of issues or problems that arise during the activity.

As an example we can mention the game "The Divergents".

In this game, the team meets virtually and the participants must describe what is on their screens in order to find objects and escape from a risky situation all together.

In addition to being proactive, the game works on strategic points such as assertive teamwork and the importance of collaboration.

Versatile and modern methodology

The method is versatile and modern, and may or may not have technological elements to enhance the experience and consequently the results.

Reports and feedback

The Gamified training brings insights to HR that receives a more thorough analysis of the team as well as each participant in particular.

With this, the data can be used for important decision-making, such as employee promotion, selection process or feedback given to the employees.

It is also a way to identify functional dynamics and those that do not seem to bring good results and require some alteration and/or adaptation for the target audience.

Important steps to implement gamification

Once you've decided that Gamified training is perfect for your business, it's time to start structuring it. There are some important steps.

Research with collaborators

To begin with, it is essential to carry out a survey and listen to the demands of employees. After all, the target audience of Gamified training is precisely the teams.

These are the people who can indicate exactly what needs to be developed in the company. Thus, it is easier to define what types of games really work in your case, gamification objectives, expected results, etc.

Definition of Objectives

Understanding the demands, it is time to define which goals the activity wants to achieve.

Therefore, it is also important to think about:

· What is the expected result;

· How a player “wins” the match;

· What is expected from the player to be feeling or perceiving at the end of the game.

All these issues must be defined considering points that are essential and relevant for the company's growth - and the professional development of the entire team.

Living the adventure

It's time to set an adventure. It will be responsible for leading participants through a journey focused on the previously determined objective.

At this stage, the playful and fun elements that will permeate the story are considered. It’s also interesting to imagine an engaging and urging narrative that really stimulates the curiosity of all players.

Established rules

Every game has rules, points system and operating mechanics.

Thinking about it is fundamental, because the game must take the participants out of the comfortable state they are in, but it must remain pleasurable so that participation is voluntary.  

Metrics and results

Finally, the results need to be measured so that you can see if the strategy really paid off. You can use performance indicators and metrics that fit your business.

Count on a specialized team

Thinking about all the stages of Gamified training can be complex. But, with a professional and specialized team everything is easier.

AREA67 is a renowned company that offers different options for gamified corporate training. They can be promoted in a virtual environment, using videoconferencing, or in person.

Visit the website to learn more.

Gamified training comes with a more fun and efficient proposal to develop the team. It’s an option for companies that think ahead and aim to stimulate growth through human heritage.


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