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Sipat: what is it, what is the goal and how to innovate

The SIPAT - Prevention for Occupational Accident Internal Week, aims to bring awareness to employees - of all hierarchies - about the importance of preventing occupational accidents and diseases.

This is a mandatory demand for companies that have the CIPA - Internal Commission for Accident Prevention. For the construction of the event, the participation of SESMT - Services Specialized in Engineering and Occupational Safety - is also mandatory, so that SIPAT is held annually.

In this article we will clarify the main doubts about this topic and share interesting tips for those who want to know more about how to innovate in the organization of SIPAT this year.

Is SIPAT only for companies that have CIPA?

In short, the organization of SIPAT is mandatory for companies that have CIPA, but those that do not have it can also do it.

In fact, SIPAT can be seen as a tool that aims to qualify the work safety of any business niche - and, to some extent, beyond it.

That's because raising awareness about some issues related to professional health and safety is something positive for all businesses.

Mandatory subjects

During SIPAT, addressing some issues is essential, for example: smoking, alcoholism and STD - Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

But other topics can also be explored, for example:

· Birth control;

· Oral hygiene;

· Mental health;

· Sleep problems;

· Physical activities;

· Preventive medicine.

Among other things, we are talking about a whole week of activities. So, just consider the context of the business to choose the most appropriate topics.

When does the SIPAT happen?

As an event that aims to bring awareness, it appeared in mid-1953, and was consolidated by Decree No. 3.214/1978 - NR5 - Item 5.16 - letter O (in Brazil).

After that, it became mandatory to organize the annual SIPAT together with the SESMT.

Importance of SIPAT for companies

When a work environment is designed, in addition to aesthetic and functional issues, safety for employees must be considered.

Thus, it is necessary that employees receive instructions about their activities and safety procedures - including the use of equipment, clothing and products.

In addition, it is essential that everyone knows and understands the current legislation and its rules regarding work safety.

In this context, SIPAT is extremely important within companies, as they are dedicated for days to campaigns that will bring important knowledge and guidance on the subject.

When is the SIPAT done?

There are no rules regarding the event date, but it must happen every year.

Therefore, each company can organize itself to carry out the SIPAT in the period that is most convenient. However, it is worth choosing a date when most employees are present.

How to organize the SIPAT

Organizing any event is hard. The ideal is to start by establishing those responsible, above all, a coordinator to monitor all demands.

However, it is important to note that due to the amount of details, it’s not interesting to do anything in a hurry. So, start everything as early as possible.

Below are some of the main points to start organization of SIPAT:

· Definition of responsible parties and respective tasks;

· Budget to be considered;

· Dates for follow-up meetings;

· What activities will be presented on SIPAT;

· Event date, location and necessary structure;

· How the event will be promoted;

· Deadline for contracting partners and/or consultants.

Within each of these topics, there are details and a series of tasks. Therefore, we emphasize that starting in advance is the key for success.

How to innovate in the SIPAT organization

An important point of attention is to ensure that employees feel invited to the event and not obliged to participate.

To arouse interest, it is necessary to think of activities that go beyond traditional lectures and film presentations. In this way, gamification comes as a very interesting alternative in order to innovate whilst organizing the SIPAT.

The gamification is proven to be an approach that manages to raise the level of participation, since it’s more interesting and fun.

How to organize a gamified SIPAT

Gaining the attention and voluntary involvement of employees can be a challenge. However, using assertive tools can provide a greater employee engagement.

Gamification has proven to be effective not only in events such as SIPAT, but in several other contexts related to team education and training.

The games are defined taking into account the number of employees, the company's niche and the purpose of the gamification. Therefore, to save time, energy and resources, having a platform specialized in gamification is a smart choice.

There are still other options to carry out a gamified and unforgettable SIPAT: a good option is to create a completely customized game that addresses the themes involved or even gamify a face-to-face event like the one that ICL Brazil did.

Their objective was to increase the engagement of the 60 employees of the Cajati city unit, in addition to reinforce the content related to the 5 Principles of the EHS area (Commitment and Engagement, Risk Management, Organizational Competence, Learning Organization and EHS Management System).

Game applied in ICL company

With this kind of support, you can innovate by dealing with SIPAT matters in a more relaxed way without losing the essential: passing the message efficiently.

5 advantages of gamified SIPAT

As we already mentioned, the process of organization of SIPAT is demanding and it requires a lot of attention.

However, some activities may be carried out by specialized partners and gamification is one of them. The advantages are many and we will highlight the 5 main ones:

1. Stimulates interaction

The dynamics of the games can be different, but the vast majority have groups made up of members from different areas.

Interaction between employees occurs naturally and this interaction usually stimulates interaction between sectors later on.

In addition, competition itself generates connection and a sense of belonging within groups.

2. Awakens creativity

Games are made of challenges and to overcome them you need to be creative in reaching solutions. In this way, the groups will need to discuss innovative ways to solve the problems presented.

3. Improves communication

Depending on the size of the company, it is common for employees to have little or no communication with some sectors.

In this sense, during gamification it will be necessary for group members to talk and interact more, which is commonly carried into their daily lives afterwards.

This happens because the employees had contact during a fun and relaxed period, and this contributes to a lighter communication in the work routines.

4. Promotes greater retention of information

When organization of SIPAT is done, one of the objectives is to facilitate the absorption of information, so that it is easy to put it into practice on a daily basis.

In this context, gamification is a leader in promoting greater retention, as involvement in games is the guarantee that the employee is attentive to the learning process.

5. Security

Access to the platform is done in complete security, in accordance with the requirements of the GDPR.

The event manager can check the progress of the games, scores and rewards. In addition, AREA67 guarantees agile support for any eventuality. Talk to us so that we can discuss the details of your business and work on the organization of SIPAT, ensuring to provide you a successful event.


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