The impact of an engaged team on a company's results

A engaged team has a direct impact on the success of any business. After all, people are effectively responsible for making the company grow and gain more space and recognition in the market.

In this context, investing in good relationships and betting on improving individual performance - as a team - is crucial. There are resources that can help a lot in this process.

That way you reduce turnover and identify the best talent to retain in your company – one of the biggest challenges nowadays for companies of all sizes.

How to identify an engaged team?

Before obtaining information on how to build an engaged team it’s important to know which characteristics are essential for this team. Engagement can be measured in different aspects, such as:


A team that is more willing and committed to the success of a business tends to be productive. This means that working hours are well used and show great results.

This enthusiasm and commitment are directly related to the employee's identification with the values ​​and ideals of the brand. After all, without this identification, it’s practically impossible to be willing to dedicate yourself actively.

Challenges are accepted

It’s also common for good performing teams to accept challenges and seek to meet them with excellence, always delivering their best to achieve goals and succeed in what they set out to do.

Brand lawyers

Employees act as if they were lawyers or ambassadors of the brand.

You won't have problems with staff complaining about the company outside the work environment. Quite the contrary: they are proud of the brand they are representing.

The effects of engagement on HR

For HR, an engaged team also brings numerous benefits. The main one is the reduction of hiring costs, since there is a decrease in turnover.

After all, when everyone is equally involved in business affairs, no one feels burdened or undervalued.

With that, the chances of resignation requests or need for dismissals fall a lot.

The effects are also financial, as hiring requires investment in training - and it’s natural to take time for the new employee to generate results. Keeping good employees is really important.

Understand and apply the concept of Team Building

Have you ever heard of "Team Building”?

This term in English can be translated as “team consolidation” and concerns precisely the construction of an engaged team.

This occurs through the proposal of interactions that aim to bring the team together and identify particular talents, but always encouraging everyone's collaboration and participation.

In order to get there, various activities are proposed aiming to correct the attitude of an unmotivated, conflicted and apathetic team.

The idea is to generate targeted integration and make employees work together in the search of good results.

Team Building Methodology

The Team Building methodology can be seen as an efficient proposal for people management. It comes to rescue the motivation and align the purposes of the team, so that everyone can work together for the same goals.

For this, the methodology suggests online or face-to-face activities whose purpose is to promote this integration. The tools that are used already proved to be very effective for this purpose.

Therefore, the Team Building method offers support for managers - and the HR team - to obtain information and a broad view of the general performance of employees in a department, especially when it comes to problem solving.

Team Building benefits

We live in the age of diversity. While this is great socially, composing a diverse team can pose a major challenge within a company.

After all, how is it possible to integrate such different profiles, making them put aside all their differences and find a balanced coexistence?

The main proposal of a Team Building strategy is precisely this one: to promote harmonious and productive coexistence, even when the profiles differ in many aspects.

However, in order to get there, the team needs to find points of agreement that encourage good interaction, collaboration and contribute to an engaged team.

Develop your team

Team Building helps you develop characteristics such as:

·      Empathy: a team capable of looking carefully at the pain of others and acting together to promote a positive organizational atmosphere;

·      Motivation: all employees feel more valued and motivated when the work environment is receptive, pleasant and respectful.

·      Creativity and innovation: a diverse and integrated team is able to exchange ideas and promote more creative and innovative solutions. After all, there are several intelligent and excited minds proposing new ideas.

·      Reduction of conflicts: an engaged team through Team Building has less conflicts. Thus, it becomes easier to work as a team and uncomplicates the management of this group.

·     Identification of talents and skills: with this strategy, HR is able to perceive the qualities and skills of employees, even identifying those who stand out in leadership.

·     Challenges: finally, the team is prepared through strategic games and simulations, to deal with day-to-day problems with more maturity and professionalism.

Corporate Escape Game

The Corporate Escape Game promotes online and face-to-face dynamics for the team to work together. They function more or less like an Escape Game for entertainment, however, with a business focus.

The idea is to pass on messages and show the impact of each employee's work through playful activities that somehow reflect the reality of the company.

How AREA67 do this?

To get the best result and deliver a customized solution, our team works through the following steps:

·      Briefing: the customer tells us the problem and points what should be reinforced in the team;

·      Creation: together, we create a strategy aimed at solving what was pointed out in the meeting;

·     Validation: we present the proposal and the client approves the content;

·     Application: a day is scheduled to apply the dynamics to the team;

·   Debriefing: Finally, we get together to understand what were the impacts caused by the mission proposed by AREA67 on the team.

Thinking about an engaged team is as important as taking care of your company's financial health. After all, employees make up the company's human assets, the one that effectively brings results to the business.

Do you want to know how to take your team to the next level? Get in touch with us now!


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